Day one

Day one is complete and my body is feeling it. I did 520km, finishing the day up in Robinvale,VIC. I have stayed here before and it’s just as nice as I remember.

I discovered the best thing about camping on a solo trip is you have things to do at your destination. Didn’t take long to set up the tent and unpack, getting it all done just before the sun went to bed!

Today’s riding took me on mostly tar roads but I did manage to find a lovely dirt road as well. There is lots of canola around at the moment, making a nice mix of yellow and green scenery!


It was interesting to revisit some places I previously rode through in 2010. I was amazed at what I could and couldn’t remember!


All up it was a lovely day. The weather was amazing, scenery didn’t disappoint and Sherpa ran like a dream. Navigator did a great job showing me where to go and I’m looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow.


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One Response to Day one

  1. Naughts says:

    Do you reckon Sleepy is ever amazed at what he couldn’t remember? I know I am.

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