Day 2 – Another day, another 520km!

Wind – 0 Kath -1!!

I survived my first night camping and was up bright and early. Packing up didn’t take too long and I was planning to eat breaky in Mildura.

I was on the road at about 8 and it turned out the wind was too! Riding with a head wind reduced Sherpa’s speed to 85km/h or 90 if I ducked right down! People seemed pretty patient though.


Navigator was still all smiles despite the constant wind!

Quick breakfast in Mildura and then onto Renmark. As I travelled the wind battered me from both the front and side, tying to wear me down but I fought back! After 112km I went onto reserve and still had 30 or so to go till fuel. When I filled up my economy was 6.5l per 130km. I only have a 9l tank, very glad I packed a jerry can!!

Pushed on and turned off the main highway towards Monash – Morgan – Burra – Spalding, finishing up in Jamestown. Another big day and it was interesting watching the scenery change so much as I travelled along. As I got further into South Australia, it became greener and greener.




Doesn't quiet capture the colours!


As I approached Jamestown I debated with myself about camping. I asked prices when I arrived – $80 for a cabin or $15 to camp. A quick call to Rob and I went with camping. Now I can donate more to the super puppies!

I was told I could camp anywhere on the grass. Due to the wind I wanted to be sheltered, so I am camping next to the ladies toilet/shower block! No wind and crazy convenient!


Another great day. Even with the mighty wind, I had a smile on my face and was loving every slow minute of it!!

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