Day 3

Started early and the weather was perfect for riding. No wind, blue skies and almost noone on the roads


The riding was so nice, I decided to do a few kilometers before stopping for breakfast. The scenery around the Southern flinders area is amazing and I realised how much I love this part of Australia. Rob and I have done a few rides through here when living in SA and it was still just as impressive.


Limited to uploading phone pictures, it just doesn’t capture what I’m seeing!

Stopped for breaky in Wilmington and then pushed on to Port Augusta. I rode through Horrocks Pass, enjoying some lovely corners. When I popped out the other side of the pass the landscape changed and the wind picked up. Had a quick stop before getting on Main North Road into Port Augusta.


At this point I was leaving behind roads and towns I knew and headed to new places.


It was roughly 155km to Kimba and the wind was picking up. I got mildly concerned about fuel economy but this quickly diminished as I got busy looking around. Thankfully the road was relatively quiet and people didn’t appear too bothered by Sherpa’s slow speed. Sherpa is still sitting on 85-90km/ph, allowing me time to see the sights. As I rode along I spotted a large kangaroo standing behind a tree. It looked like he was waiting jump out and say boo to someone. Glad it wasn’t me!

On the other side of Kimba the landscape changes again.



I was making really good time and decided to stop for the night at Wudinna. Enquired at the caravan park about a cabin. I was happy to spend $85 but they only had $95 cabins left. Ummed and ahad, deciding to camp instead but they then offered me a van for $50. I couldn’t say no to that!


Looking forward to a big rest and then heading to Fowlers Bay tomorrow. Thanks for travelling with us.


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One Response to Day 3

  1. tanami says:

    Great stuff. What a super sherpa!

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