Day 4 – a mix of emotions!

Today I travelled from Wudinna, SA to Fowlers Bay, SA. Rob suggested taking a small detour and seeing Streak Bay. I’m very glad I did! Such a beautiful spot.


I stopped here for breakfast and enjoyed taking sometime sitting and watching the water. There were many comments by passerbys about the great spot I had to eat….


After a slow morning I headed off to Ceduna. I filled up here but decided to lush on, rather than go into town. While filling up I spotted another bike loaded up and wondered where it was going. The rider didn’t appear to want to chat so I kept on wondering.


Once again the wind appears and I was being bustled all over the road. This made things very interesting when trucks passed. Lucky for me there wern’t a large number but I was definetley tense when they approached.

It appears that the bulk of traffic are heading in the opposite direction. This invokes a range of emotions. As I travel it dawns on me just how far from home I am and with everyone going The opposite way, it makes the.vs feel very lonely.

Filled up again in Penong and saw the same BOW rider from Ceduna. He was keen for a chat and I learnt that he has been travelling around Aus on holiday from Berlin. We discovered we were both hearing for Fowlers Bay. I was really happy to hear this as it offered some comfort that I wasn’t alone out here.


Headed out towards Fowlers Bay, prepared for the 30 odd stretch of dirt. Unfortunately Navigator was having too much fun and had an accident. While travelling along the dirt get came off, landing in the middle of the road.


Of course he still had a huge smile.


Strapped him back on and off we go. Set up camp and the caravan park and I’m very surprised my tent pegs even go in the ground.


After setting up camp and taking some snaps I explore the small town.




A lovely spot. With more time it would have been great to explore the sand dunes.

Got speaking with a few of the other residents of the park and enjoyed listening to stories from the road. Everyone there were heading in the other direction and had lots to tell me about the road ahead.

While talking about my trip I raised $40 and was given lots of kind words and support for what I was doing.

After lots of chat it was time for bed. During the night the wind picked up considerably, blowing my tent around and sending sand/dirt flying in. An interesting night that’s for sure!

Wonder what tomorrow will bring…..


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