Day 5 – WHALES!!

Today I travelled from Fowlers Bay to Wudina. I was planning to have an easy day but things turned out differently.

First stop was fuel in Nudera. I then travelled to Head of Bight and got to see Southern Right Whales, 6 to be exact. I saw 3 Mums and they each had a calf. There were many more in the distance too. The water here is so clear that even when they dived under, you could still see them. This was the highlight of my trip so far.

From here I travelled on to Nullarbor, fueled up and met another bike rider. Several cruisers and some V Storms pulled in and I discovered we were all travelling in the same direction. I bet they make it to Perth before me! I had a chuckle as I compared my trip to theirs; they had a support vehicle and a spare V Storm on the trailer (one guy decided to fly home from the east coast).

As I travelled along the Nullarbordreams plain I pulled into some lookouts, admiring the cliffs and views.

At Border Village I fueled up continued on my way. At this point I became well confused about the time differences. I thought I had gained 2 hours as I crossed the border. It turns out this was not so. Due to this mistake I made the decision to travel on towards Madura. Not an exciting stretch of road. It was getting cold and late and I was well happy when the roadhouse appeared.

I decided to have a room after a blowy nights sleep last night. The guy in the room next to me was riding from Portland, VIC to Karratha, WA and doing some huge days!

Spoilt myself to a cider where I met a block who I sensed wanted to chat about himself…..lots. I didn’t mind, it was kinda funny listening to his stories get taller and taller!

Bed time, ready for another day riding!

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