Day 6 – windy!

Today I travelled Madura to Noresman. As I left the roadhouse and went up over the hill the wind started and it was strong! There were many undesirable words leaving my mouth and I thought for a moment I wouldn’t be able to continue riding. For most of the ride between Madura and Cocklebiddy I was leaning sideways, all my weight pushed through the pegs and ducked down as far as I could. It was really tough.

When I got to Cocklebiddy I stopped for nourishment and a needed break. The body ached but the kindness of strangers appeared again. I think I may intrigue people as I travel. Several couples came over for a chat with lots of questions.


I was feeling brave so I pushed on, heading for Balladonia. Along the 90mile straight I spotted the bad weather approaching. The temperature dropped, wind picked up and rain started. After 160 km the tank was empty and I was thankful I had the jerry can. As I was filling up the group of bikes from yesterday passed. I stopped for fuel and chat in Balladonia.


From here I travelled to Noresman. Not a lot to say about this stretch. It was long cold and windy but the rain had passed. I did have a good laugh as an old couple drove passed, camera up and snapped a photo of me. He then showed his wife pointing and smiling as they drove off. I think I’m a novelty on the roads!

Stayed at the Noresman pub with another couple on a Kawasaki cruiser. Met some locals then time for bed. Doing the dirt road between Noresman and Hyde tomorrow, should be lots of fun.


– not a lot of photos today, I was too focused on battling mother nature-

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